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Simply introduction to MCCS 


Founded in January 1996, Den Kinesiske Kulturklub (Mermaid Chinese Culture School, MCCS) is an independent culture club with members comprising mainly of Chinese professionals living in Copenhagen area. The club devotes its efforts to promote Chinese culture, with main activities on providing weekend language training for, primary school kids, but also for interested adults, both with Chinese or non-Chinese mother tongue.  MCCS aims at promoting students' proficiency in reading, writing, and communicating in Chinese, as well as Chinese cultural and historical aspects. MCCS is registered at Copenhagen Municipality.


Up to now, MCCS has about 300 students in 16 weekend-classes for learning Chinese language. The course is given each Saturday from 10:00 to 12:45 at the Sankt Annæ Gymnasia in the vicinity of central Copenhagen. The language courses are given in Mandarin Chinese using Simplified Chinese Characters, with textbook materials for most classes based on the "Chinese" book-series, provided by the education authorities responsible for overseas Chinese language education, via the Chinese Embassy in Denmark. In order to secure the quality of teaching, each school class is limited in the number of students, typically with around 12 students and no more than 18. To promote Chinese culture, the club organizes series of cultural activities such as Chinese Culture Hour, Kong-Fu and traditional Chinese arts, sports and recreation. 

Thanks to the efforts by a group of dedicated teachers and parents, the school has become a well established cultural and educational platform for the professional Chinese community in Copenhagen area. MCCS is widely respected
for its rich programmes and high quality of teaching. 

MCCS welcome those who are interested in finding a good way for their child/children to learn the Chinese language to join us. Don't be hesitate to contact, you will enjoy it!

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